Feeling like actuating your robot hand with a PowerGlove?
Added InMoovPowerGlove (Thanks to brianhomer) on thingiverse.
This should get you going.
The zip contains a PDF diagram for connections and a sketch to upload on your Arduino board.

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  1. Could you upload “elbowpart1”, you mentioned it in a previous post but I can’t find it. Also is there any chance of providing each segment of the finger separately? I find myself having certain parts breaking and don’t want to keep printing the hole finger again, I’ve broken the largest joint on the ring finger twice now.


    • Hi Paul,
      If you give me your email through thingiverse, I will send you the “elbowpart1”. I don’t want to upload it yet because I’m still working on the concept of the bicep. Concerning each part of the fingers separatly, I would advise you to download the free version of “netfabb” and remove from the STL all the parts you don’t want to print again.

  2. Hello!
    I wonder if you had a look at Q.bo project(http://thecorpora.com/blog/). Their goal is a bit similar to yours, they make an open-source robot running on a Linux distribution (with speech recognition and learning capabilities). I think it would be awesome to have an open-source robot printed.
    Great work!

  3. Hi 🙂 I’m trying to wire the above diagram however I’m a little confused regarding where to connect the +VC c…..

    Also does both the gnd connections go back to the arduino? If so does it matter which ones on the board?

    If its not too much trouble could you email me to some advice on the above questions 🙂


    Many thanks!


    • Hi,
      +VCc is the power on your Arduino board (5V). You can choose eather ground from your board. From your main source power (6V) you will ground the servos, the board and the sensors.
      Hope this helps.

  4. hi hairygael,

    I’ve wired everything exactly to the diagram, also the sketch is uploaded to my arduino, I did modify the sketch slightly as I am only using 4 servos instead of 5.

    However, when i move my flex sensors attached to my glove the servos dont move at all….

    I wonder if my wiring is actually correct..?

    Could i email you my circuit pictures ?




  5. Hello,

    I would really like to try controlling my newly made hand with a power glove, but I cannot seem to find the files on thingiverse. Did you take it down? Could you help me out?


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