It’s Easter and the bells brought you something cool!

Okay, it took me a while to release my robot’s face, but understand me it isn’t easy to just give away.
You guys better be very gentle with him because I will have eyes and ears every where.

So parts are available on Thingiverse and Cubehero.
I  dispatched them just to protect the Open Source goal of it. I think assembling should be pretty easy to figure out. There is parts that needs to be glued but for the rest it is all assembled with screws, this is mostly for to access the components and mechanism inside the head.
The eye mechanism is ready but I wait for a little servo to see how it reacts with  stereo movements.

Thanks to Grog, Myrobotlab keeps improving and it seems like the Cortex service is going to be pretty amazing. Added to InMoov service we should get memory. Grog said, “I’ve been mostly busy trying to make meaningful Memory . Memory in the sense of abstract ideas, objects and relations and a way to visualize them.  It’s been challenging but I think I’m finally done with most of the structures and am starting to work on the visualization of memory.”

Beside these crazy days of work I just went through, I wanted to find a solution concerning the restriction movements of the HK15298 servos.
While trying to assemble some junk parts of InMoov to create a simple device for testing a servo connected to one finger, I got an idea.

Hey! but this is what is needed for the beginners, a simple kit which has a finger, a servo, and an Arduino.

inmoov finger starter
The black printed finger is one of the junks I had in my box, very low res print…

This is going to be fun, if you never tried an Arduino and a servo together, we are, Grog, Chris and I, going to make things very simple for you to learn.
First a tuto for to assemble and print this baby InMoov and then a video tuto on how to start MRL in a very simple way to start playing with this.
Grog is going to create a service called InMoov Starter and hopefully it should be pretty easy to make it all happen.

Once you understand how to control this toy, you should be ready, mentaly, to build the complete robot…(Mmmh maybe not, we will see)

Anyway you can get it here



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  1. What a great idea!

    Arduino, servo and something useful in one housing. It could be used as a tool for teaching basic programming, electronic and mechanical skills.

    And it is for sure great to show people about the weird things one build at home.

    • Thanks Kay. Yes, you are correct, it is the goal, hope people will use it for learning basic things. Like, scratching the noze with a plastic finger for example, or even hitch hiking.

  2. Gael, Congrats on releasing both InMoovs wonderful face, and the brilliantly conceived InMoov Educational Beginners Kit. I think this will be warmly received by those just starting their quest for Arduino controlled robotics. I will do all I can to further the cause, Chris

  3. Your InMoov head is really looking nice. I’ve been trying to rethink the linkage that runs the elbow joint to go from the 90 degrees that it currently does up to a more naturalistic 135 degrees.

  4. I am so impressed with the work you have done…really amazing. THANK YOU for making this open!!!!!

  5. Hi! I just found this blog. This is awesome. I just downloaded the stl files for the single finger starter kit and I’m in the process of printing the pieces out, but I can’t find any instructions on how you wired it all up. Are there any step by step instructions for that part? Is they any example code for the arduino? Thanks!

    • Hi Henry! Gael does amazing work, doesnt he? Hey, for basic control of your finger, go to read up. If you have questions, post them to the forum there, out shout out in the shoutbox. Grog, the amazing developer will get you fixed up. I hear he’s working on a special service just for the Inmoov starter… ask him about it! Chris

    • I sort of got it working just by searching and watching some of your older videos on youtube, and just guessing the rest. I went out and bought some 20 pound strength fishing string and strung all the pieces together, noting that the pieces were numbered from 1-5 (thanks!). I wasn’t sure how to tie off the string near the tip, whether it was one continuous loop through the two holes at the top or two separate strings somehow knotted off. In one of your videos you pull pretty hard on two separate set of strings, so I guess you need two independent strings (I knotted them and glued them). My finger seems to hyper extend slightly beyond 0 degrees, but that might be because I’m just using bent paperclips to hold the joints, which isn’t that smooth of a turning point (also our 3D printer was printing medium res and). I just hot glue gunned the non-joint pieces. Now when I pull the strings, the finger does curl and relax! Although it sort of gets stuck though. I created a basic servo oscillation script in adruino, but my servo is a bit too small to fit the test bracket. I need to buy some new servos. Any recommendations on where to buy?

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