• Daniel Schindler posted an update 3 years ago

    Robert and Leo

    • Very interesting view in the life of InMoov.
      I wonder what Robert and Leo talk about when you leave the room?

    • How well do the ultra sonic range finders work in Leo?
      I’m assuming Leo is the one on the right 🙂

      • I did not test them in a gesture yet, but they work as intended. I saw Gael released a gesture with the use of this sensors.

  • I had some sound issues with a realtek onboard soundcard. When starting speaking, there was some clicking buzzing noise. The solution was to disable power saving for the audio device. Just in case anyone encounters some issues with sound.

  • I was thinking, what are you guys doing with your inmoov? Tell me, what you use inmoov for.

    I for myself use inmoov as a trade bot at the moment. He tells and shows the state of trades. It is using backtrader as a trading lib to get the events from. Inmoov is doing gestures, notifications in neopixel and speaking.

    • trying to add autonomy to my robot in small steps. adding a cart base for it and using kinect, infrared sensors, ground observation for odometry, aruco marker detection, obstacle avoidance and strategies to find the aruco marker and having the bot move in front of it of its own.

  • Hi, i am from Germany near Stuttgart. I started with the robot in 2015 and I worked on it when i had some free time. After about 2 years i finally finished my inmoov. I posted some pictures of the current result in my album. It was a really fun project and the result is great. Thanks to Gael for his wonderful work.

  • And his back

  • My InMoov called Robert

  • Custom neopixel ring with 10 leds

  • InMoov running with LattePanda