• Hello everyone!
    Lately I haven’t been communicating a lot on our community page…
    The reason is my free time is just becoming SOOOO little that I try to keep up with the necessary.
    So please keep communicating, and if ever I can, I will try to catch up with all your great posts!!

    Best regards to all the InMoov Builders!

    • Hello Geal:
      I’m a college student from China –Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU), perhaps you are not familiar with it ,but it is one of the most famous university in China. And at present, we have a team working on the InMoov project .
      Firstly I want to express my gratitude for your generosity about the design, and to be honest, each of the…[Read more]

  • Perry posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Made some new arm back covers based on Juerg’s design. Modified them so you can use the Neurvo boards.


  • Perry posted an update 6 years, 12 months ago

    Westworld maze insert for my inmoov.

  • Hello everyone. I told them that in early September I started on this project called Inmoov and I was building the robot for a couple of months. I already have it printed to the waist I still have to mount the servomotors and print the chest and back but I can not hold my will and I decided to start designing my own legs because I was doing…[Read more]

    • Very nice system,,,,, the design reminds me of that Japanese robot they finally got walking around,,,, Mr Gael has the legs designed but not released and he’s kept that organic look to them which very hard to copy- but getting the walking operation with the toque vs speed to work without him falling over is going to be a hell of a c…[Read more]

  • Perry posted an update 7 years ago

    There was a surprise party when I got home from work!

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