You can now download the neck with the mechanism that makes the head tilt and pan.
Get it on Cubehero.
Okay, I guess this is going to be like this. The head contains many parts, so I divised in different sections.
There is a part of the skull that is necessary for to do the final mounting of the neck mechanism with servos, it is situated at the rear of the head. I made a piece called “temporary”, which you will withdraw once I upload the skull.
I have to make the step by step of the neck, pictures are done, but I need to write the text.
Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Thank you Gaël, Will start printing today – 20130304.

    Is there a print order to print and assemble to the torso. That is so not to collect a pile to assemble all at once?

    Thanks – Brian

  2. Well, I would suggest starting from the bottom to top, if you look a picture where the neck is assembled. Peter has posted on thingiverse a picture which demonstrate pretty much the order.
    Hey by the way I just received the Atlantic magazines, thanks a lot for sending them over. I really appreciate. Write to you in email soon.

  3. Gaël, could you post the servo you use for the neck/head? Or the specs.? I started printing and it looks like the parts are for the 1/4 size servos. That is the size you use for InMoov’s Shoulder and Biceps @ 20Kg-cm. Is that right? Why so big? I have several standard servos – the TowerPro SG-5010 which, are rated at 11Kg-cm. Shouldn’t 11Kg-cm be good for turning the head and neck?

    • Hi Brian,
      Yes I used the same servos as for the shoulder and biceps. They are over rated somehow. Turning the head uses a bit more torque than the up-down. I guess if you have 11kg-cm servos it should do the trick.
      I used heavy one because I had already the casing designed in my Blender files, and had them at hand for to test right away.

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