When I said to my wife, Grog (MyRobotLab) and I have decided it was time to start teaching InMoov, and for that matter I should be looking for colorful objects, she started to become sneaky.

Everytime I was coming in our room she was hidding stuff, or it seemed so.

Tonight the mystery was revealed!
InMoov had is own little toy robot!

Isn’t that great, I had to post it. I think it’s so cute that InMoov is going to learn very fast how to grab it.

I love the eyes and hook on the head.

Too bad it can’t be printed, as I’m sure many of you would like to have it for further test on InMoov or just to have with you during your hard moments of life.


InMoov's little toy front
InMoov's little toy side
InMoov's little toy close up

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