I have uploaded on thingiverse the new brackets for the servos in the forarm. Here are the instructions for to adapt them inside. These let you decide wether you want to add a fifth servo allowing animation of all the fingers or if you rather keep the Arduino Uno inside the forarm.
I would advise you, if you plan on building the complete arm (biceps and shoulder) to remove the arduino Uno from inside the forarm and get the pinky finger giggling around!

This is how you are going to modify your forarm:

If you just printed the parts, you can go ahead and remove all the brackets from “robpart3 and robpart4V2” or “leftrobpart3 and leftrobpart4V2” with pliers. If you have already glued these parts together, it will be a bit more tricky but I did it, so I’m sure you can.

This is on “robpart3”
Do the same treatment to “robpart4V2” .
Glue in “stand2” at the place of the Arduino. Make sure the servo actuator will be free to rotate with the rods. Notice the servo (pinky) comes from the back of the bracket. You might want to tight the servo before gluing or drill holes on the side of the forarm for to have access with a screwdriver.
You should have something like this now. Here you see the servo(index)
Set in the servo (thumb) that is half way in “robpart1 or rotawrist”. (Sorry on this picture all the cables and actuators are already fixed in, this is due to a lack of the correct photo.)

You should have now three servos aligned in the forarm with the two new brackets set above. Thumb, index , pinky.(again sorry for the lack of picture)
Set above the servo (majeure) as shown.
Attach the last above servo (ringfinger) in it’s bracket.
Run the nylon rods as shown. Rods run a bit differently now.
 I hope the following pictures help you to figure out how rods run. Again, it doesn’t have to be that way, you might come out with a much better solution.

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  1. I’m printing the brackets now and am going to try them on the right arm tomorrow – 6/28. Thanks for your continued efforts to make something amazing that has never been done before with tools that have not been available to normal mortals….

  2. You may already know of leafproject.org … they have a vision enabled mobile robot base and torso you might be interested in or at least take some inspiration from. … you have a great project … keep it up!

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