I have uploaded the parts for the rotational wrist on thingiverse. This is a nice little extra feature.

I also have modified the servo brackets  in order to have five movable fingers.
This means the Arduino is going to be set on the arm instead of inside the forarm. This modification also makes it much more easy to access the servos because the cover doesnt’ hold any more servos. Which means the cover is a cover and only a cover.(Suggestion of Brian from Pittsburgh). 

I will soon upload the new brackets. I made this modification as less invasive as possible. That means if you have already printed the whole thing, you won’t have to reprint all the parts but only the new brackets.

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  1. I’ve printed the left wrist on a commercial DLP printer and finally got up the courage to print the right wrist on my Thing-O-Matic. It came out GREAT! Very Good designs and great STL files uploaded on Thingiverse.com. Thanks again….

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