Are you building InMoov and want to share some info with us? Leonardo Triassi has made a map on which you can locate InMoov builders.



If you are a InMoov builder join the map:

1) Go on this link
2) Click on Open a Map
3) Select “InMoov Builder” and then select
4) Search your location and add it
5) Add informations about your level and printer
Or watch this video tuto:

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  1. Hi Gael, this is an amazing thing you are doing! Thank you very much. Please add me to the map, when I try there is no map to choose. I live in Beaverton, Michigan 48612. I have just started, I am printing right hand pieces as I type this. I purchased a MakerGear M2 last Friday and love it, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found your site, thanks again.

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