Makerfaire Paris 2017

The event was held in the amazing building of the Cite des Sciences of Paris. Again this year Paris Makerfaire organizers treated us like pop stars. Incredible space on the booth and a super stage with sound system! Some of our friends Makers were not that lucky, this is mainly due to the space organisation, […]

InMoov at Bucharest Technology Week

  We want to thank all the organizers of our week in Buccarest! Warm thank you to Mihai Nica, Catalin Ticheru, Adriana Nica! During the press conference in the Hilton Hotel, (left) Mihai Nica, (mid)Bogdan Popa, (right)Gael Langevin, (far right) InMoov: We did three TV lives shows along with Mihai, which had a lot of […]

Creating 3 Robots in 25 days!

This has been a real challenge! For an advertisement campaign, I was asked to design and create 3 robots that had to be desperate because they will never be able to play Jazz. Jazz is a human thing! The challenge was the timing and the results expected which both had to be respected. 25 days [...]

InMoov figurine

During the Makerfaire of Lille, we scanned my full InMoov. The scan was done with a low resolution unfortunately, but if you print it not too big, it’s nice to have. I have put the STL file into the Galery under InMoov Goodies. Remember InMoov design is under CC-by-NC. You also can find it on […]

Tutorial video and important info

Hello! Here is a video where I explain how to assemble the Finger Starter in French. You can select subtitles in the youtube parameters for other languages.   By the way: Important information concerning the Text to Speech service Acapella that we used in our scripts!! Acapella Group has added some restrictions concerning the use […]

Kraken version is released

Get a fresh taste with MyRobotLab! The developpers have released the version 1.0.1723 Kraken which works pretty well with InMoov after a bunch of testing. Of course there is things that are still acting strange, but all together it’s a huge step forward!! Some fix to do: -The Chrome red microphone button, turns itself off […]

Battery Door

  Want to close the battery door ever since you’ve printed the back parts? Well here you go the parts are now available for download! BackPower BackDoorRight BackDoorLeft BackDoorClip Get into your workshop and start to print them. Here is some 3D views to see how to assemble the parts.   On my InMoov.02 (Deep) […]

Legs, second InMoov and other things

It’s been since November that I didn’t write something in the blog section. It takes me just too much time to gather all the pictures and start to write something about it. So, I’m going to just post some pictures and see if I add comments or not. Working on the legs. I have gone […]