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The developpers have released the version 1.0.1723 Kraken which works pretty well with InMoov after a bunch of testing.
Of course there is things that are still acting strange, but all together it’s a huge step forward!!

Some fix to do:
-The Chrome red microphone button, turns itself off sometimes.
-When letting the whole process resting for too long, Chrome will not communicate to the SwingGui anymore.
-PIR sensor is not implemented
-Rollneck servos are not in the head service.
-Gesture Creator service is not functional.
-Kinect? I didn’t test.

I will make a new zip package available for Windows 32 and 64 bits as soon as I can.

Here is a video showing some of the latest stuff I have done for the legs and using ProgramAB. The slowness of the responses is related to my wireless internet connection. I was using 3G bandwidth from my phone because our internet was down for some reason. I’m using Superbot instead of Alice2.0 which is more powerful regarding the endless question/answer possibilities.

I need to implement more gestures within the responses, but I lack time. Preparing flight, organizing conferences, getting the project taking off in schools through Europe, managing the shop online, cutting the Nervo Boards, printing hands and Finger Starters for buyers, responding to hundreds of emails, designing more legs segments, testing motors, testing MyRobotLab versions, updating my parts on the site… And the list just goes on.

Sometimes, I’m psychologically down, really down. And then the next day, I’m back on track because I feel this is important, it has to be done. Working our way for an Open AI, reachable for everyone is not for fun but for the sake of humanity!

Speed testing on the knee. Knee working with 12V DC motor using a H-bridge board added to a potentiometer.

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  1. Hi !!!
    Thanks Gaël for this informations. Can you tell me more about Superbot ? It’s not the programAB service in mrl ?

    Regarding the Chrome button, you can add a timer to your script ( to autorestart the red button )

    #autorestart 15 seconds

    def WebkitSpeachReconitionON(timedata):

    #clock declaration
    WebkitSpeachReconitionFix = Runtime.start(“WebkitSpeachReconitionFix”,”Clock”)
    WebkitSpeachReconitionFix.addListener(“pulse”,, “WebkitSpeachReconitionON”)

    Keep going and good luck, you rocks

    • Hello Anthony,
      Ah thanks, I will try that! I know that Greg or Kevin are going to fix that issue, which would be better than to have to add something in the script.
      But as a temporary fix, it will be super!
      SuperBot is a version of a boosted Alice2.0, but it is not free. It works with ProgramAB. I had the chance to receive a free sample that includes all the AIML files. Unfortunately I am not allowed to share it.
      There is many similarity and haven’t had the time to dig really further. Most files are the same, but it has a lot more variety answers, more capabilities for answers. You actually can really converse with the bot and it will always have an answer, but mainly it can go into a second level of conversation. Alice2.0 has only a primary level of conversation.

  2. Thanks for video, Gael. Everything is coming together great. The knee is looking very good – as usual. Looking forward to seeing more videos of your progress on the legs.

  3. Hello Gael, very nice videos. One the video that shows you talk about the charger for InMoov’s computer tablet I think you said was 4 amps, does it charger the 6volt spa battery too.

    Thank you,

  4. Thank you Gael. One more question on the wrist servo are you still setting the servo at 90° I’m using the MG 996 servo. Before attaching the wrist to the server thanks Gael

  5. So i have most of the upper body printed out, and now i have the hardware, but i cannot get mrl to work. is it because i have a mac?

    • Hi,
      MRL can be installed on Mac as well but you will need to install it differently than Windows. The version I have uploaded on InMoov site is for Windows. Although many components cab be used anyway.
      The best is to refer to MyRobotLab website directly. You can communicate using their shoutbox, the developpers are very responsive and will help you.
      You can also post on our Google forum because many members are using Macintosh for their InMoov.
      You can also read this thread about how to install MRL on a mac:!topic/inmoov/BoKCuFmTf6w

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