It’s been since November that I didn’t write something in the blog section. It takes me just too much time to gather all the pictures and start to write something about it.

So, I’m going to just post some pictures and see if I add comments or not.

Working on the legs. I have gone through many tests using various DC motors but I’m still not satisfied about speed and prices. This below is one of my designs during printing time and speed testing. You can see that the knee can only flex at 90 degrees which is not enough, so that as been changed. I also use on these pictures my original ankle design but it won’t do the job so I’m working on something else. Overall these legs are good looking under InMoov and I’m pretty happy with the shape. Although I want to modify the rotation of the knee on the Z axis because InMoov feels like his knees are too close to each other. There is a Z rotation system in the hip but that is not enough.

IMG_2331 IMG_2332 IMG_2303

We were asked to participate at the Paris Maker City, InMoov enjoyed the beauty of the mayory and had plenty of space to evolve around. He also shook the hand of Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris City) and answered her questions.


InMoov first 3D printed humanoid robot entering the Mayory of Paris


Getting interviewed by the media.IMG_2459

Shaking hand of Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo InMoov2_2016

A 1001 start up came from all Europe came to pitch, discuss and developpe their buziness plan.


start up meeting

I recently worked on a TEDx conference along with Robin Guillard whom helped me during the process. The conference was organized by the Ecole Polytechnique of France.

InMoov HANDS are currently exposed during three months at Le Lieu du Design, another occasion to stress test the motorised hand working every day from 10Am to 6PM. 🙂

This post was written a while ago but I never finshed it………………

More things happened since then, We had the Paris Makerfaire and had the pleasure to have Markus Orngren from Sweden, Dimitri Chatzis from Greece, Bruno Falcon, and Sebastien Bonnifet.

It was really great to have a team gathering again for this event which was even bigger than last year!

I want to thank you all for great support and fun spirit you have brought on our booth during those three days!!!!

photo(10) cr,874,511-45ae1f image(7) image(8) IMoov-5 IMoov-11 13129583_256888387996994_1776444905_n13092190_1089404847792894_7723201128607952894_n


A week ago I participated at L’ECHAPPEE, which is a place where seakers and keynote speakers come to explain what is coming up in the near futur and how we can change things now in our society.

I want to particularly thanks Laura Cohen of Brightness for helping me during my coaching and to get us selected as one of the ten Laureat Finalist of L’ECHAPPEE!

echappecc81e-volecc81e-2016 CjpN_7VW0AAaDpc

From the idea to action! During three days and two nights of impressive inspiration, we get to talk, meet, organize, the futur of our projects. I had the chance to have Sebastien Bonnifet along to forsee and organize the futur of InMoov project during a working class of brainstorming.


As a result we will be launching an InMoov event in Paris to federate the community and to set some important goals for our near futur. The date and place of this event is not yet defined. We plan to set teleconferences and discussions through internet for those of you that won’t be able to attend this important meet up.

CjiSC03WYAAoZqA CjiYDtQVAAAU0m3You can see the video here.

Although it is pretty much the same talk than for the TEDx. The format was condensed within five minutes including the demonstration.

Personnaly, I would have like to make a talk dedicated about what is coming next. But people want to know the story behind the project.




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  1. Hi,Gael!
    A month ago, I saw your INMOOV on the Internet. It was so cool.I want to use your STL print a hand and a foot. After about a month’s time,I finally finished the printing and assembly of the right hand,although the process is very difficult, I have a lot of harvest.
    Next I am going to print the parts of the foot, but the site did not find the foot of the STL file,I don’t know if you can provide me with your feet? I’ll be happy if you can. Of course, if not, then thank you very much.
    Best wishes!!

    • Hi, I am glad you found the project interesting. The legs and feet are not released yet because I still work on them, so you will need to be patient or find another foot to print.

      • Hi,gael!
        Your reply made me feel very happy, I hope you succeed in the next study, I will continue to pay attention to your update, look forward to your file upload.
        best regards!!

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