Waaaoooo release of the MidStomach parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been asked so many times, that even though you will have to re-print all these parts when the legs will be released, that I decided to upload those parts anyway.

I also made a pretty good tutorial with it, so CHEER UP, and get your printers warmed up!!!!

Remember, those parts are temporary and can drastically change later, so don’t blame me for wasting plastic. 🙂



Gallery of STL parts for MidStomach:


Tutorial for MidStomach:


Gallery of STL parts for LowStomach:


In the LowStomach parts you will find also what I use to mount InMoov on the pole.

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  1. Thanks, now how about those back covers?!? X-D

    Just kidding, take your time and thanks a lot for these

    I’m hoping one day (someday, eventually, when my perpetual PhD finally ends) I can give back something to the community, perhaps help with the legs

  2. merci gael.
    bien sur je me suis empresser d’imprimer cette partie (avec une nouvelle imprimante zortrax m200 )
    aussi j’ai une question :
    les stom support sont fixes comment sur cette nouvelle partie ?
    et ce support est il adapté a toute la partie supperieure ?

    • Bonjour Jean,
      Les StomSupport sont vissé par les cotés au travers de TStoLowLeftV1.stl et TStoLowRightV1.stl .
      Il faut percer ces pièces soit même car ce n’est que temporaire.
      StomSupport maintient le port de tout le buste mais ce n’est pas tres stable si le robot est placé sur une plateforme mobile.
      C’est pourquoi j’utilise deux élingues de renforts voir la video:

  3. Really nice, Thanks enjoy your video!

    But You wrote that the keybord+lenovo was abandonned over the hw post? Focusing on bipedal model ?

    would love some clarification On the road map ahead If there is some, as It seems community is a bit divided with the bipedal model For movement .

    Thanks again For all that awesome Work!

    Really hoping to find some cheap options For those leg servos that Will be needed, luckly this year XP

    • Lenovo Tablet 8″ + bluetooth keyboard is not abandonned. I abandonned the Odroid + screen + wire keyboard.
      Wheels are a temporary substitute until legs are working efficiently.

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