Hello every one!!

As you can see InMoov is getting a new website. It has been a long hard work for the team of Quai Lab in Poitiers France, which remodeled, imported, modified, created this new interface. Big thanks to Sebastien and his co workers for this wonderful work.

If you have some technical questions about the website you can sent a private message to Sebastien

There is a lot of improvments which you can discover by yourself, but let me introduce some of the new features:

-The organization of the pages

-STL files have now a viewer and are directly downloadable on the site.

-The community has been redesigned to be more usefull and comprehensible.

Well I can’t enumerate all the great things Sebastien did, there is just too many. It’s better to let you guys discover!!

Quai Lab took there InMoov for a sunset discovery, great image:

Right Reserved

Quai Lab InMoov sunset


I actually had met Sebastien during the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers when Quai Lab had invited me to join them for the maker space booth. At the same time I also met the makers of Usine Nouvelle, which recently showed their progress on a leg for their InMoov during the Enova Exhibit.

I had never wrote anything about this, mainly because time passed by. The pile of things to write was becoming so huge that I was overwhelmed by the task.

The new website gives me courage again, and I think writing small post will ease the job.

Here is a list and pictures of all the things that happened since April:


-London WeVolver Meetup:

Big Ben under the London Sky

Big Ben under the London Sky



Summerset House Inside court


Presentation at WeVolver



InMoov Robot For Good




-Museum Exhibit Palais de Tokyo Paris. Because the InMoov hand is the first Open Source 3D printed Prosthetic hand, it was displayed and working, doing gestures, during two months, 10 hours a day,  :

InMoov au Palais de tokyo

Before the inauguration

InMoov First 3D printed prosthetic Open Source Palais de Tokyo Paris

InMoov First 3D printed prosthetic Open Source Palais de Tokyo Paris

IMG_1647 IMG_1645 photo 3

-InMoov gets on wheels and a re-printed face after being crushed in the suitcase. We also meet John Dimatos of Kickstarter in Paris. . The pictures below are with big wheels, but too big and too heavy to take the plane.

So, I bought an old kid bicycle for 5 Euros to use the wheels.




IMG_1664 IMG_1657

-Gamers Assembly with Quai Lab in Poitiers, France:



_DSC4254 _DSC4239 IMG_3232 IMG_1706 IMG_1701 IMG_1743 IMG_1721

See the short  video: IMG_1746

InMoov in its suitcases is living Poitiers

InMoov in its suitcases is living Poitiers



-St Malo Makerfaire where we were invited by Berthier Luyt:

IMG_1773photo 1 photo 2


-Makerfaire Paris:

TF1 Journal Televise 20:00: (at 24 minutes)

M6 Journal Televise 20:00: at 18 minutes :)

InMoov Team for Pizza diner

InMoov Team for Pizza diner

In my workshop, Paris 2015

Top left Leon Van der Horst, top right Markus Örngren, bottom front Marten de Groot


-Makerfaire St Francisco+Makercon conference+Make cover and article:





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