How many times was I asked about the connections I made from the servos to the Arduino…

I decided to upload once and for all the way I did it, even if it is not very conventional.

InMoov connection4

You will find the instructions in the Assembly/Other Tutorials tab under:

Creating the connectors


Of course if you print these connectors you will wonder, in what should I connect these now?

Power supply board

Well, here I come to the rescue with my Power Supply Board with instructions and diagram on a PDF file you can find under the Download tab:

Power Supply Board


Now you want to create gestures for your robot, I made a little tuto in the Assembly/Other Tutorials tab:

Create gestures for InMoov


And for those who seek desperatly CAD files for the forarm, Anar has posted some elements on his website. I haven’t tested them, but I’m quite confident with the result. I saw some interpretations about the overal design, the wrist I had designed is now looking like a knob on the arm instead of being part of the arm. But there is no more faceted surfaces. and the part should fit very well.

I had ordered under the advise of Borsaci06, an InMoov follower and fervent adept of MyRobotLab, a Pyroelectric human body  sensor. This, coupled to the Arduino and the 4 PID tracking will wake up the robot when he will sense the presence of a human.

The nice thing about this, is that it is already implemented in MRL, I should be able to just connect it and use a service to add in the script and the robot will have a new sense.

When I will run the test I will make a little video, it should be interesting to see.

Here is the link to the sensor, it’s just amazing cheap.

Mini IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Human Body Sensor Module

Pyroelectric sensor

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