Well as some already know we went to Amsterdam for the Arduino day. The event was organized by WeVolver, Richard and Bram, whom I’ve met during the 55 printers world record last year in Utrecht.

It took place on the Overkant in Amsterdam, a rather huge working place, where makers gather to build things. The makers had brought their creations along and of course there was some interesting things to see and to talk about. Arduino was one of the subject. 🙂

Leon, an InMoov follower, although he hasn’t started to build one, was there and had brought some amazing copters made partly with a 3D printer and avery nice CNC he has recently developped. I also had the occasion to test a self balancing mecanism for cameras which gave me some ideas for the hips rotations.

Using InMoov2.0 in public for the first time was interesting, everything worked well. I really enjoyed to “detach” “attach” the servos from power source through voice commands. The 4PID worked perfect. The “search humans” had a rough time because of too many faces to chose from.
Tracking an object seemed a bit less accurate than before, but all the other commands worked very nicely.

Somehow we are almost ready to jump officially to the new version.  Still missing the “capture Gesture”, which is totally necessary if you want to create your own gestures.


Here are some pictures before the event started.

amsterdam(8)Getting organised.

amsterdam(7)This Lady has taken good care of me, preparing “toasties” for my lunch and coffees. Very nice!

amsterdam(6)Leon on the left side who brought a bunch of Arduino Nano because he had read on the site I had burned mine during tests.


Leon’ s copter.

amsterdam(4)Bram Geenen during the introduction speech.

It was not a big event but I thought it was nice and relaxing  because I had time to speak with people instead of just running InMoov with voice commands.


BUT down south, Alessandro in Italy did the show and had a very full day!

giornale 2

Arduino Day -Taranto- InMoov And MyRobotLab - 1Alessandro Didonna doing tracking on a ball with his InMoov using MyRobotLab service 2.0.

 Loads of people and medias apparently. Go Alessandro, go!

MyRobotLab & InMoov made sensation!



It’s been a while that I’m looking to buy silicon finger tips for my InMoov. But every time they are too thick or too wide. So I decided to make my own.

Since everybody is going to need to have similar silicon finger tips, I designed a mold to be 3D printed for everyone to reproduce. The benefit of it, is that they are perfectly adapted to each finger and thin enough for the sensors to still be reactif,  and last of all,  it gives the hand a very good grip on objects.

Here you can download the parts to create the mold.

Here is the complete tuto about it.






I had made a modification to one of the chest part a while ago, which would let us add a PIR  sensor to InMoov. The PIR sensor detects human or movement presence. It is added to InMoov in the goal to wake him up if somebody enters it’s range of perception.

This will only work with InMoov2.0. But for now I haven’t been able to use it because I think my PIR sensor was definitly TOO cheap. I suggest you get this one from RadioShack, wkinne has used it with success. (see his test on MyRobotLab)

I need to add the pin hardware setting to the default map. But we have chosen pin 28 on the Left Arduino Mega.

You can download the new part called MiddleChest+PIRV1.stl on Cubehero within the chest parts.

You can find a simple script to test it here on your InMoov.