January and lots of progress

The Nervo board is now available in the InMoov site Shop!!!!! (by the time I published this post, it was already out of stock, but you can backorder)   After the Tech Fest in India, one of the first things I had to do was to fix a hardware issue on the InMoov 2 hand. […]

Makerfaire Roma and Rennes

This month was our second Makerfaire in Roma since I started the InMoov project. We got there just in time with the airplane to get ready with the robot for the next day opening. No problems with customs. We were set along with the French Makerfaire team, Barbot, Bertier Luyt and Jean-Baptiste and 3DprinterX tattoo […]

InMoov's playing riidl chest Roma MakerFaire

Geek Picnic 2 and New York Makerfaire

St Petersburg during summer can be very, very nice!! And so was the Geek Picnic in Russia, with beautiful sunny days and incredibly a lot of people. InMoov was doing the front cover on the website and flyers: http://geek-picnic.ru/ http://www.tv100.ru/news/geek-picnic-na-elaginom-ostrove-98431/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lP6qZVmPGQ http://mir24.tv/news/Science/11025772 TV http://topspb.tv/news/news50553/ TV http://piter.tv/event/Geek_picnic/TV http://www.otr-online.ru/news/v-severnoi-stolitse-32293.html TV http://pechatnick.com/news/pechatnik-com-pobival-na-krypneishem-v-rossii-festivale-sovremennih-tehnologii-nayki-i-iskysstva   Press The environment of the […]