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      • I already made the right arm all works fine. Your work is very inspirational.
        If you want later I can maybe help out with instructions give things I would add for people that know 0 about this.
        I was just wondering what is more convenient, to start with the body and attach everything to it? or make parts and then the body?
        If I want to make the body, and put it on a tripod, what should I print out first?

        • Well you could start with the Top Stomach parts, that could stand on the table to start with. Once the Torso is build up, you can add the head. From there get the arms done.
          Though it is a lot of printing without much programming.
          So, if you want to have fun and learn on programming during your progress, you should print a hand and forarm.
          I find it the most interesting.

          • Thank you for your fast reply. I already made the right hand, and now working on the left hand. So far the programming is simple, but that must be because i kept the sensor parts out at the moment, and will be getting back to them later. What are the sensors used for mainly in inmoov?

    • Hello,
      It is very hard to say. The reason is related to the Corona Virus spreading in China.
      It is currently impossible to get supplied and the authorities have no way to give delays as we have no idea how things will evolve.
      I recommend to buy the NervoBoard without components and get the components by yourself.
      Note that we also will have a shortage of Nervo board rather soon.

  1. Greatest Project ever. I hope you can put a Torrent file of all the STLs together and keep them updated. Downloading each file one by one is bizarrely tedious. Is effort being made to update the files and designs? I think a 2.0 InMoov would benefit from the advances made in 3d printing and chipsets in general.

  2. Hello

    How are you ? Am fine I have one question firstly thanks for you effort and open source, But the image or 3D pictures of the parts have in the form STL so is it possible to print with 3D printer ? IF not please share me the detail Drawing of part with its dimension ?

    Thanks for your positive effort

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