Battery Door

  Want to close the battery door ever since you’ve printed the back parts? Well here you go the parts are now available for download! BackPower BackDoorRight BackDoorLeft BackDoorClip Get into your workshop and start to print them. Here is some 3D views to see how to assemble the parts.   On my InMoov.02 (Deep) […]


Legs, second InMoov and other things

It’s been since November that I didn’t write something in the blog section. It takes me just too much time to gather all the pictures and start to write something about it. So, I’m going to just post some pictures and see if I add comments or not. Working on the legs. I have gone […]


Mid Stomach parts

  Waaaoooo release of the MidStomach parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been asked so many times, that even though you will have to re-print all these parts when the legs will be released, that I decided to upload those parts anyway. I also made a pretty good tutorial with it, so CHEER UP, and get your printers warmed […]


Welcome to the new InMoov Website

Hello every one!! As you can see InMoov is getting a new website. It has been a long hard work for the team of Quai Lab in Poitiers France, which remodeled, imported, modified, created this new interface. Big thanks to Sebastien and his co workers for this wonderful work. If you have some technical questions [...]

MindTrek OpenMind 2015 Tampere Finland

We were invited as keynote speaker to the MindTrek OpenMind 2015 in Tampere, Finland!   MindTrek is an international three-day forum about the future of open source, open data and open content.     We have met super interesting people and enjoyed the Finnish atmosphere of the city of Tampere which I warmly recommend for […]

photo 5-2

Update on the Nervo Board tutorial

Shipping the Nervo boards  and Finger starters of this month!!! I came to remember Marten had made some new pictures for the tutorial of the Nervo board during the Paris Makerfaire. So I just modified it all and added the pictures, I hope this will help you guys during your welding progress. Oh, and please […]


Help Alessandro to get his computer back!

Use this link to make a donation: Dear InMoov and MyRobotLab followers, We had a great time at the Paris Makerfaire! We had the joy to meet Markus Örngren who came with is InMoov Robyn from Sweden. Alessandro Didonna from Italy, who brought his InMoov as well, along with demonstrations using the Leap motion […]

Help Alessandro