Update on the Nervo Board tutorial

Shipping the Nervo boards  and Finger starters of this month!!! I came to remember Marten had made some new pictures for the tutorial of the Nervo board during the Paris Makerfaire. So I just modified it all and added the pictures, I hope this will help you guys during your welding progress. Oh, and please […]

Help Alessandro to get his computer back!

Use this link to make a donation: https://www.leetchi.com/c/solidarite-de-alessandro-didonna Dear InMoov and MyRobotLab followers, We had a great time at the Paris Makerfaire! We had the joy to meet Markus Örngren who came with is InMoov Robyn from Sweden. Alessandro Didonna from Italy, who brought his InMoov as well, along with demonstrations using the Leap motion […]

Help Alessandro

Art research

I wanted to make pictures using InMoov into symbolisms treated with a harsh lighting. Before December, Yethy proposed to do a photo session in my workshop with whatever moods and feelings we had. Thanks to him. Because InMoov is a Art project, I had to place him into such environment that it finds it’s purpose, […]

January and lots of progress

The Nervo board is now available in the InMoov site Shop!!!!! (by the time I published this post, it was already out of stock, but you can backorder)   After the Tech Fest in India, one of the first things I had to do was to fix a hardware issue on the InMoov 2 hand. […]

November & December

Fossa We have been invited to Rennes by Inria for the 2014 Fossa Edition to present the new InMoov2 hand and to make a conference about InMoov and how Open Source Robots can evolve in our society. Thanks to Stephane Ribas! Watching the video of the conference, I can’t say I like it. But hey, […]

InMoov2 hand progress

I worked recently on the new InMoov hand (InMoov2 hand). I had stopped a few months ago because my wire connections had something wrong and I had burned the Arduino Nano and one of the motor driver board. Being very buzy in all directions, kinect, legs,Nervo boards, Makerfaires,  I got driven away from it until […]

Makerfaire Roma and Rennes

This month was our second Makerfaire in Roma since I started the InMoov project. We got there just in time with the airplane to get ready with the robot for the next day opening. No problems with customs. We were set along with the French Makerfaire team, Barbot, Bertier Luyt and Jean-Baptiste and 3DprinterX tattoo […]

InMoov's playing riidl chest Roma MakerFaire

Geek Picnic 2 and New York Makerfaire

St Petersburg during summer can be very, very nice!! And so was the Geek Picnic in Russia, with beautiful sunny days and incredibly a lot of people. InMoov was doing the front cover on the website and flyers: http://geek-picnic.ru/ http://www.tv100.ru/news/geek-picnic-na-elaginom-ostrove-98431/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lP6qZVmPGQ http://mir24.tv/news/Science/11025772 TV http://topspb.tv/news/news50553/ TV http://piter.tv/event/Geek_picnic/TV http://www.otr-online.ru/news/v-severnoi-stolitse-32293.html TV http://pechatnick.com/news/pechatnik-com-pobival-na-krypneishem-v-rossii-festivale-sovremennih-tehnologii-nayki-i-iskysstva   Press The environment of the […]