• Dimitris posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    Leo on stage and a selfie of him!!! at a TV show.
    Troopy as Hamilton and Dimitris with Aggelos

  • Dimitris posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    Me and Dimitris Xatzis with our friends Troopy and Leo at Athens Maker Faire

  • Alan Timm posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    • Proof-of-concept for adding force control/feedback to Servos using the InMoov Finger Starter.

      Modified the kit to accept an FSR. The servo is modified and mounted that it can slide a bit in the direction of force. As the finger tightens, it forces the servo case against the FSR, which is then read. Basic force control written in Arduino as proof…[Read more]

    • simply fantastic! Looks very responsive. Will you share more details about it and the code to run it? As you say it’s controlled by the arduino some more cables to route to the hand or are you thinking about a separate nano controlling each hand?

    • Great project Alan!!
      As mentionned Joel had done a great research on the hall effect sensors. The FSR are not very responsive unless pressure is applied. How did you manage to fix the two kapton copper wiring? Won’t they brake/tear after long term running?

      • Hey Gael, Thanks!

        These FSRs are the exact same ones that many people are using for autolevelling 3d printers, I haven’t heard of them breaking under similar use. Here’s the exact ones that I’m using. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9375

        Because of their placement next to the servo housing they end up being very sensitive relative to the…[Read more]

        • Thanks for the extra pictures, it gives a good idea about the process!
          What is nice with this setup, is that it avoids having cables running within the fingers. (Which is not easy to work with);
          The servo bed would need a bit of modfication, but all together, it’s not so much work and it could even be applied to forarms that have already been…[Read more]

          • right, big thing, no need to take too much apart.
            My question however is unanswered – I assume the finger tester code reads back the status of the FSR and repositions the finger? This will need 5 more cables from the forearm to the arduino and a modified finger service to take this into account? Or am I (once more) wrong again? Tell me I am…[Read more]

            • The Nervo board can handle the sensors. In my tutorial I explain how to set an extra ribbon dedicated to the sensors. Inded the service will need to be adapted which I have been waiting for ever since I have added the sensors in the fingers. 🙂
              Time to take that in a serious matter!

            • Right, your finger sensor has been in place for a long time but it just looked too fragile to me to build it into the hand. And as you say it never got respected in the servo service?

    • I hadn’t seen this, but there’s a guy out there by the name of Clement Vella who has also worked out a solution using FSRs, not sure if they’re hand made or not, but he a sensor for each direction of force and integrated it into the pulley.

      His video also confirms one of my questions, that maybe applying PID to the control code may work better…[Read more]

  • Alan Timm posted an update 6 years, 8 months ago

    Quick video showing ROS Kinect2 integration with InMoov.

    • This is my solution to mounting the LifeCam 3000 cameras.
      I used felt pads to bring the camera forward and the lens sits in the back of the eye piece
      This position prevents the iris showing in the corners of the image
      I glued the parts together on the basis that if the camera fails I will reprint the eyes and holders.
      Hope this helps other builders

  • Meet AnkhAn. 🙂

  • Dimitris posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    Keep going!!

  • Dimitris posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    This is a wheel base i made for my inmoov robot. The basic idea is from Gaels wheel base.
    You must have some welding skills to complete this base construction.
    The servos i use is turnigy 1270HV 40kg.
    You can find stl files for 3d printed parts at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1548858

  • Dimitris's profile was updated 6 years, 10 months ago

  • This is InMoov implemented in ROS URDF. This is the first step before you can integrate him with other tools, like Gazebo simulation or MoveIt! inverse kinematics and pathing. There’s alot of work left to do, but it’s coming along nicely.

    • Hi Alan
      Looks great, congrats!
      Are you using combined stl’s for the movable parts? I had startet to build them but it’s a lot of work and so far it’s by far not finished.
      Played around with kinetics (did you see my “look at hand”) but my math background it rather week and I am not really able to follow e.g. the stanford university lessons with…[Read more]

      • Hey juerg,

        I do remember seeing that video, it was really impressive. One of the reasons that I’m moving over to ROS is for the inverse kinematics packages that are already there, like MoveIt.

        It took me most of last weekend, but I was able to combine all of the stls that I needed to, reset the origins in MeshLab, then used robot_editor to…[Read more]

  • Printing another InMoov, because the original is going to stay home. It is a precious robot now!
    Having a second printer makes it fast, specially because I updated the firmware to Sailfish on the CTC printer.
    I used to print on Kapton with the ABS but finally got to print directly on glass which is giving a super result and surprisingly absolutely…[Read more]

  • Gael Langevin posted an update 7 years ago

    My printer is out of work for a moment… Gee what a smell, if you ever get your heated bed that burns out, you need to ventilate your workspace!! It took me a while to find a heated bed this size in Europe . 300x200mm. I finally ordered the PCB in Danemark.

    • amby replied 7 years ago

      wouaaa it is hotttt lol

    • juerg replied 7 years ago

      Uhh, Uhh, my printer manufacturer had changed his print bed product line to make it almost impossible to overheat it (you could fiddle with the control SW however).
      I assume some workshops could run into serious problems having the printbed burning through.
      Think about switching to PLA-HT (or HT-PLA) which is as good as ABS but prints on a 50…[Read more]

      • wzj replied 7 years ago

        @Geal I guess it’s beause your heating bed’s temperature sensor have loose from your heating bed!! I suggest you check complete all your 3D printer’s switch, sensors to prevent this happen again…

  • Alan Timm posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    My Strong Shoulder Remix is done, and the files are uploaded to thingiverse here. I’m giving a similar treatment to the bicep subassembly, which will be posted either today or tomorrow.

    [Read more]

  • Alan Timm posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    A few more tweaks to my bicep remix, the parts are going on the printer today. This remix beefs up the bicep frames to 10mm.

    • Has anyone considered how much weight is being carried by the tiny little screw down the centre of the servo drive shaft that holds the horn onto the shaft? How big is on those servos, 1.5-2mm, 3 maybe?

      • Ya know, it’s an interesting question, and I don’t know what shear point is for the 2.5mm machine screw used. But in all cases where I’ve broken something, the plastic snaps well before the screw does. I’ve never had a problem with the servo horn set screw.

        • Not just the screw but the little thickness of the plastic horn under the head of the screw also.

          • Until now, 3 years of demos, I didn’t see issues with the horn part at screw level.
            Because I printed my parts in ABS with a 3 shell perimeter I never broke any of my bicep parts besides the early pistons which had a smaller diameter.
            So I’m guessing this beefier remix is ready for combat!

  • Dimitris posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    mods for turnigy 1270HV 40kg

    • Let us know how this goes.
      I can’t seem to find if the turnigy 1270HV is analog or digital, I would need to search a little more and surely find the specs someplace.
      But I’m guessing this is going to suck up much more Amps from your supply.
      Better get a good 30 Amps+ supply for your built.

  • Dimitris posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    mods for turnigy 1270HV 40kg

  • Because it is also been a very long time that I wanted to inverse the InMoov logo on the hand, this has been the occasion to clean up those parts.
    Check now for the version V6 of the…[Read more]

  • Hey I just fused under Blender my recent modified TopMouth and LowBack. Rotated at 45° on the Z axe and they actually still fit in the correct 12cm3 build area !!

    So now TopMouth and LowBack are permanently fused on the InMoov website. and can be screwed instead of being glued.
    Make sure to get the V3 version on InMoov.fr.
    I didn’t update my…[Read more]

    • This is awesome! The 2 topmouth pieces have always been kind of a pain to work with, so that will help alot.

      • Yes indeed, I also did a reprint with fused topmouth after coming back from India, the head had been damaged in the suitcase during flight travel. It is much easier to assemble now.

  • Well it took me a while but it is done!

    New builders will have a lot more fun to assemble the skull now. I have set screw and bolts holders in various parts to make the last fit much easier.
    You can use 3mm screws and bolts to attach the parts together.
    I modified:

  • Dimitris's profile was updated 7 years, 1 month ago

  • Dimitris posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    • nice work what is this servo motor?

    • Thank you amby! This is turnigy 1270HV 40kg servo. With some mods it can fit perfect.

      • Hello Aggelos,
        What are the mods you had to do to fit in the turnigy 1270HV 40kg?
        Some builders have a hard time to gather the Hitec 805bb, if the mods are minor, I could add this servo in the alternative servo list.

        • This looks great and seems to run really well. I’ve become concerned about the application of servos this way. Have any had the drive shaft get pulled out of the servo in these linear actuator applications? What about the place where the little screw holds the servo horn onto the splined shaft, any failed there?

          • @Reece, mine has been running for nearly three years now and the servos are still doing fine.
            The only thing that happens sometimes, the small screw that holds the horn wheel to the servo shaft gets loose, I bet using some blue Loctite component would solve the problem, but I never bought some to test.

            • That’s great, It was something that started bothering me the more I thought about it. I expect that for the service duty this is being put to that these are not a concern. I expect I’ve been among big machinery too long and with the self teaching over the years I’ve probably over analyzed this.

          • Mr. Gael sorry for late answer but first my school and then my inmoov, as my daddy said. The mods need to change some pieces. My dad make new stls and i print them. I will post photos of them.

    • Hello Agelos and welcome!
      Thanks for your pictures and your great built.
      Printing on a Mendel Prusa!!
      Carefull the neck is reverse mounted…

      • Thank you mr Gael !!! Our Mendel work all day and night ! Yes my sister put the neck for the pictures but we fixed it later.

  • Small video to explanation the driving system of my plateform and the locking mecanism for to be able to push InMoov by hand while driving direction with the remote.
    I\’m in the process to make a very small remote transmitter which could be held within the palm.

    • Thanks Gael, now I see how it all works. I like how you can detach the drive wheel to push it around manually. See my comments on Sebastiens’s post.

    • @Bob, to answer your previous questions on Sebastien’s post:
      The base can carry InMoov easily. You can add at least 10kg and the base can still ride fine as long as the floor is flat.
      When I use InMoov in the street, the wheels can overcome some holes if it rides full speed. If you look at my video, you can see a battery carrier between the two…[Read more]

  • Using MyRobotLab and creating a special control GUI with sliders.
    This might be using MaVo\’s GestureCreator in the background.

  • Students at IES Vegas assembling the eye mecanism on InMoov\’s face.

  • Waaaoooo release of the MidStomach parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s been asked so many times, that even though you will have to re-print all these parts when the legs will be released, that I decided to upload those parts anyway.
    I also made a pretty good tutorial with it, so CHEER UP, and get your printers warmed u…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone!
    I uploaded all parts for the new eye mecanism inspired by Mats Onnerby and Bob Houston. The mecanism is more sturdy and gives wider degrees of rotation for the eyes.
    I created files that are simple to print with no support besides for EyeSupport and they require no modifications of EyeGlass (Face). Also I managed to use the same…[Read more]

  • Last night InMoov had something of a Picasso painting…
    Modifying the eye mecanism to adapt a mix of Mat and Bob to be able to use my previous face design along with the Hercules camera and the DS929HV servos.

    • OOOhhhh Yes,

      This is very good news Gael 🙂
      I will soon start printing the head, so your update is just on time 😉

      This week I will receive my new _XT filament from ColorFabb.
      I hope it’s a good filament to use for most InMoov parts, even for the shoulder mechanical parts.

      Other question about the camera, are you still happy with your…[Read more]

      • Well the hercules HD does a good job as far as what I do with it. But as I said it would be ideal to have a board for post processing things like tracking, face tracking, object color detections to let the computer do other tasks.
        The Pixy camera would be great but it is mounted on such a big board…

        • I will wait for this camera: https://openmv.io/
          Leon has ordered them via kickstarter 🙂
          This has the same results and is smaller !
          I hope the price is the same like the Pixy cam.

          The Pixy already used a 4-layer PCB, so it would be a hard work to make this smaller 🙂
          Option is to ask for a sort camera-shield mount option.

          • I use the raspberry PI camera in one of the eyes of the modified head. It’s much better quality than a USB 2.0 camera. And the intention is to use the Rpi to do image processing. You can even find a really small version of the camera. https://www.pi-supply.com/product/adafruit-spy-camera-raspberry-pi/

          • @Marten, As you mention in private message the OpenMV could be a nice option because it is python based and Open source which could be easily added to MyRobotlab with no need to use an extra Rpi.
            @Mats, I personnaly would rather a smaller device than having to use a Rpi for the image processing, because with the tests I did using the Rpi the fps…[Read more]

  • I just modified the CableHolderWristV4 to V5.

    It is now screwed with the servo instead of being glued to the servo.


  • I’m wondering how Gareth, or anyone else, would proceed to use the below Blender file along with virtual InMoov to create simili human gestures.

    The c3d addon for Blender is in the preferences to be added.


    If we could these kind of files along with the riggs of virtual InMoov, it…[Read more]

  • Feeling like showing your InMoov is powered by MyRobotLab ?
    These little covers go on each shoulder.



  • Last day of Makerfaire Berlin for Tonerwerk with his very nice InMoov. Check the pictures he posted on the forum:

  • Bob Houston is having problems posting on the community activity, therefor he requested I would do it for him. If you also encounter problems which don’t allow you to post pictures or videos, let us know on the forum, we will try to figure the problem.
    Bob has remixed a new eye mechanism which is pretty cool! It is…[Read more]

    • @ Bob Houston,

      This looks awesome dude, great work and a cool upgrade to the InMoov !

      I can’t wait to see some more video’s with the Eye tracking options 🙂

    • bonjour tout le monde!
      est ce que bob Houston pourrait faire partager a la communauté inmoov les plans et les fichiers stl de son châssis et la colonne sur roue qu’on voit sur la vidéo youtube?
      merci d’avance

  • Hello guys,
    Here are some more pictures of the new back for InMoov. It integrates a ThinkPad Tablet 8″ which can be replaced with other tablets fitting the same width size specs. A clip on, printed mechanism, makes it easy to insert or remove.
    Access to the two Arduino Mega and the Nervo Boards is easy once the tablet is removed.
    Access to the…[Read more]

    • Sorry for posting so fast Just got excited when I saw the pictures from your trip you posted, when do you think you will release them?

      • I got totally excited myself when finally I could mount them on my InMoov.
        Yes I will release them. A few little things to modify, specially where the clavi potentiometer rotates, and also the battery holder needs to go a little lower to let access to the power cable of the Tablet.

    • That is a really nice back. Looks good and will protect all the electronics and hide some of the servos.

  • @ambroise super, Really looking forward to see the video

  • Some time ago I was in Poitiers, invited for the Gamers Assembly by Quai-Lab. I met some young fellows that wanted to build legs for InMoov following good dimensions and my 3d view concept. Here is what they have achieved so far, they started to print them as…[Read more]

  • InMoov with realistics eyes by Peter Anderson

  • Bob Houston made a modification to my neck mecanism, which is pretty cool.

  • Но главным детищем Яна стал «InMoov». Это робот, напечатанный на 3D принтере с программным кодом управления, взятым из «open source».
    InMoov build by Ian, a Russian student.

  • Gael Langevin posted an update 8 years ago

    Here is Bob’s base for his InMoov. Nice and clean job, we can’t wait to see it moving around a little further.

  • Gael Langevin posted an update 8 years ago

    Here is another use of InMoov in Russia, University Kharkov Ukraine.

  • Gael Langevin posted an update 8 years ago

    I created a tutorial for the Nervo board available on the shop, using some of Martens pictures, to help you during your assembly.

    Nervo Board tutorial

    I sure hope this helps.

  • For the fun, what if we print a big hexapod for InMoov

  • InMoov Bartender. Very cool video! Richard has done a very good job with his InMoov Andrew.

  • Never heard of that one…

    Robot Story Time

  • Timelapse at Canterbury University New Zealand

  • InMoov Jarvis

  • Posted for Jhack, whom also seem to encounter problems with posting on the site:

    [Read more]

  • BoB tried to post his latest video, but apparently he has problem doing it, He asked me to try for him, let see if it works:

  • I found this InMoov with a mobile platform on YouTube:

  • To Fred and others:
    This is how I see a spring added to the retraction tendon. In this set up we avoid forcing on the servo either way of rotation and it also avoid losing tension in the tendons.

  • I really think this member activity stuff doesn\’t work well. But I can\’t seem to find a better way to make. I hate the videos that are cut in half. Seems also that it is difficult for you guys to post comments, because there is almost never comments on the posted pics and vids. Any suggestion about that?

    • I’m not really into site programming but when you go to activity the bar on the right is not needed any more. if this is removed you might have more room for the videos.

      for the comments, Im looking almost every day to see what others are making.
      the comments are sometimes low but I think lots of people are watching.

    • I also found it a bit difficult to navigate the site. I just kept punching around until it functions as it should.
      I would also agree with dumping the update stream on the right side but leave the members activity button.

    • I have found that by using “copy and paste” into the text box is the easiest way to post You Tube videos. It is unfortunate that they are cut in half but by clicking on the name of who posted it, it takes you to the video. I too think that a lot of people look at the site but everyone leaves comments. I know I don’t comment on everything but I…[Read more]

  • very cool! Man the students are going to go wild! If you get a minute (not sure you will) please make a picture, I would love to see that.

  • Welcome Markus, since how long did you start your InMoov?

  • You received the Kinect, cool!