• First arm now on a base and EZB waiting to be connected

  • Hello everyone!
    Lately I haven\’t been communicating a lot on our community page…
    The reason is my free time is just becoming SOOOO little that I try to keep up with the necessary.
    So please keep communicating, and if ever I can, I will try to catch up with all your great posts!!

    Best regards to all the InMoov Builders!

    • Hello Geal:
      I’m a college student from China –Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU), perhaps you are not familiar with it ,but it is one of the most famous university in China. And at present, we have a team working on the InMoov project .
      Firstly I want to express my gratitude for your generosity about the design, and to be honest, each of the…[Read more]

  • anthony posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Hi friends !
    looking for translators about wip Inmoov script . If webkitspeech + mouth service can handle it of course.

    At this time there is french,english,spanish


  • Markus posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    Robyn Inmoov at Maker Mela in India

  • Lilly posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

  • Markus posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Robyn Inmoov packing for India

  • Mindless posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Here is my 5pc Chest,,

  • Mindless posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Good question Perry- This is one use of a hundred mods/uses you can do with -3d Inmoov-
    This mod allows the servo and gear to be positioned by just loosening and tightening the grub screw- You send the command line to the servo to adjust its position,,—,,then adjust the gear to the position you want,,, and then tighten the screw ,, I wasn’t s…[Read more]

  • Thomas posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    @admin Hi Gael first of all bon noël pour toi, this is the rest of my french learned in school many years ago.
    My question is what about the legs, I saw many videos from you and inmoov legs but I have no idea how I can realize them. Is there any publishing planned ?

    Best regards Thomas1

  • Just wanted to say hi to everyone and I guess officially become part of this great project. Started about 3 months ago on the actual build but ive been planning this for about a year and i couldnt be having more fun. So much appreciation to Gael for what he\’s done here. Very Generous.

  • anthony posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Season’s greetings from Dark Inmoov

  • Hello InMoovers,

    I like to include the FSR (Force Sensitive Sensor) to all my finger servo’s.
    For the starter_kit I’ve re-designed some servo adapter things, to make it possible to slide the servo forwards/backwards.
    Next step, is the position-holder for the FSR.

    To get a idea how it looks:…[Read more]

  • Perry posted an update 2 years, 12 months ago

    Westworld maze insert for my inmoov.

  • Markus posted an update 3 years ago

    Robyn Inmoov at Karlstad CCC

  • Mindless posted an update 3 years ago

    Hello Mr Gael, Guys and Girls-
    I see the guys over at -Myrobotlab- have got the Electric Motor with H-Bridge and PID working to the point where it’s a real alternative method of powering the mechanical movements of Inmoov,,,
    So I assume this mean a cheap and nasty servo that is prone to “Burning-Out” can be modified so it keeps its Gear train…[Read more]

  • Humanoid posted an update 3 years ago

    I have a question about the finger-tip sensors. I notice that the nervo break-out boards have the same 3 input pins as the servo ones (pos, neg and S). The finger sensors only have 2 wires for each. The circuit diagram looks like the 2 wires go to the positive and S pins only. Is this correct? If so do we ignore the ground pin? Is there anything…[Read more]

    • You need to order two SIP resistor_network they look like this:
      The NervoBoard has the option to solder one at the sensor side.
      You need a 8-pin version (with seven resistors).
      I only don’t now which value you need to…[Read more]

    • Hi, Marten.
      I understand now where to connect the SIP resistor. I note that there are type A and type B in those resistor networks. Is the one I need the type A? (isolated). I have been asking around but haven’t yet found anyone who knows or who knows which value I need. If you find out can you reply please?

      • Hi Humanoid,

        Can you measure for me the open value and the closed value from the sensor ?
        If I now these value’s, I can choice a SIP resistor value 🙂

        Thanks in advance…


    • HI Marten.
      I will probably re-print the finger-tips tomorrow and start again as I’m not happy with them.
      I am trying to get the measurements you asked for but the numbers are changing continually – going radically up and down. I have attached the red and black to each wire in the finger and have tried with a couple of fingers where the tip…[Read more]

  • Rohmer posted an update 3 years ago

    Pour ceux qui veulent un oeil en verre, vous découper à la scie diamantée une lampe radio.

  • juerg posted an update 3 years ago

    A moveable base and a planned escalator for Marvin. Don’t want to drive around with Marvin in scary heights.

  • Our own project. Controlled by EMG sensors.
    Contact us: 03224710671

  • Perry posted an update 3 years ago

    There was a surprise party when I got home from work!

  • Heinrich posted an update 3 years ago

    I have made a page to show progress on building my InMoov “Oskar”.

  • Dimitris posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Face lifting!!

  • Mindless posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Guys, I’ve got my- EyeglassV2- “and” EyeSupportV4- Just about ready to be released- it will do away with having to glue the holder in place because it is now printed with the -EyeglassV2-
    All key mechanical movement remains in tacked- the EyeSupportV4 has had a lot of little changes made to it that you won’t even notice (servo mounts /wall t…[Read more]

  • Hans-Jörg posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hello @ all InMoov Fan´s,

    I made a redisign/upgrade for the Stronger Shoulder from gestalt73.
    – I changed the Servoholder from the PivMit for the stronger 7,4V Servo Savöx SV-0236MG (40Kg)
    – 2 Ball Bearings ( Size 61709 ) for the PivGearV5 and 1 Ball Bearing ( Size 689 ) for the PivWorm are inside the Wormgear now.

    I couldn´t test ist at this t…[Read more]

    • Nice work Boris… I would love to see the finished gearbox when you get it all together…

    • Great improvement for long term usage! Thanks for posting, I will add it to the InMoov derivatives collection if you share it on Thingiverse! Remember to use the same licence, CC-by-NC.

    • Yes, I will share it on Thinggiverse, but I have to modify some other parts too.
      I´ve modifyed the PivCenter the RotCenter and the RotTilt because I had Trouble to assemble all parts with the strong PivCommector.


  • I made a small upgrade of the shoulder servo. The small potentiometer broke, so I use a larger potentiometer with a 6mm shaft. It’s the olny part that I have changed,but I think the same principle can be used on all potentiometers. The new potentioneter can rotate 270 degrees instead of the original 180 degrees, so the servo mapping has to be…[Read more]

    • Hello Mats!
      That for sure is a safe pot!!
      But you didn’t use my latest pot holders, that means your parts can no longer fit PivTit and RotTit of the latest version…
      I guess, it’s because you already had PivTit and RotTit printed from the previous version. I like your little potentiometer board option, it’s handy for to simply disconnect.

  • Perry posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Here is my version of the forearm. Basically trying the same as Marten. I wanted a straight run for the tendons so I would not need the tensioning spring system. Kept Gael’s servo holder and guide system. Also the wrist drive is in line and not offset which I think makes it a little more robust. Used a slimmed down version of Marten’s…[Read more]

    • Looks awesome Perry !
      It’s a nice option to use the default servo’s 🙂

      And are you happy with the mechanical results ?
      For you it’s better to see and feel the results instead of the default setup 🙂

      • Thanks Marten. I like it a lot. There is still a bit of tuning to do but the geometries are good and the wrist rotation is solid. I may still put an inline tension spring in place but not sure. Time will tell if it is needed.

    • Great Perry, I see that there is many inventors around!

  • Before I can start with my complete InMoov, I need to upgrade my UM2 filament spool-holder.
    I’ve ordered some COLORFABB_XT spools with 2.2kg filament 🙂
    Not sure if XT filament is the right choice for some mechanical parts.

    • yep… Colorfabb is great stuff, iv tried every brand/type out there ,, i do a lot of printing,,, In Australia i use “Blueprinted” filaments which is pretty good quality for a cheap filament Colorfabb is hard to get here and its bloody expensive..
      I only use PLA you would surprised how tough the stuff when printed correctly – you wont have any…[Read more]

      • Thanks for your information.
        I get lucky to live in the Netherlands, the shipping costs are free when I order one spool.
        And with the 2.2kg spools it’s 30% less in price.

        I’m sure I need to play with some settings (temps and max speed).
        I hope to start this evening with some tests 🙂

        I’ve used CollorFabb PLA for some time now and this prints…[Read more]

        • Its worth having a go at trying other other filaments but iv found you really cant beat good quality PLA when its printed correctly,, its hard so its good for gears and moving parts It prints like a dream compered to other filaments,,, and it doesn’t destroy the planet,,,
          I’v been R&D on 3d printers full-time for about 4 years now, mainly on d…[Read more]

          • CollorFabb PLA is good material anyway.
            XT can handle a higher temp when it’s printed, this part is a positive thing if InMoof stays for a long day in sunlight.
            So maybe I will use XT for some outside parts and all others with PLA 🙂

  • Perry posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Seeing Marten’s great work I am rebuilding my forearms as well. Similar concept except I am trying to preserve as much of Gael’s design as possible. Works with his servo holder and standard servos. I had to hollow out RotaWrist1V4 so now there is a straight path for the tendons. The wrist drive is not offset so a straight shaft drives the wrist.…[Read more]

    • Hi Perry,

      It’s nice to see your idea about this.
      I think I will see your complete setup tomorrow, I hope it works well and I can’t wait to see a video !

      Keep up the good work 😉

    • Cool design Perry,
      this is nice to give room for the tendons to run straight out from the wrist to the Servobed.

      • Thanks Gael, I a trying to adopt some of your design practices to make parts robust and cleanly exported. I have stopped putting a radius on everything (just because they are easy and look cool). I am starting to see the beauty of a simple to work with STL that can be modified by others. A little more function over form. The simple little parts…[Read more]

  • The new printed shaft fits well and it looks that it can handle the rotation.

  • So, the new hexagonal shaft / Small_Gear and Servo_adapter files are uploaded 🙂
    I will test this soon and will share a video later this week.

  • Marten de Groot posted a new activity comment 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Rodolfo and Perry,

    Yeh, I think it\’s fine 🙂
    Just started to print all the parts.

    I can\’t wait to see your idea 🙂
    Which program(s) are you using, during re-editing Gaël\’s STL files ?

  • Alan Timm posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    • Quick and simple demo of full body animation using a wireless x-y pendant. Lots of changes and stuff to share. I’ll refilm it later on this week when I have the next set of changes complete (with less noise and a clean desk)

      rviz running in background displaying robot state. The basic animation is there, still have a fair bit of tuning to get…[Read more]

    • Fantastic Alan… Best realistic movements so far, hands down!… I am working on a new inMoov which I am also planning some sophisticated movement management…

      • Did you create your own custom ROS package for this? I still use ez robot but would love to move up to ROS as it looks like much more can be done with ROS than either ez robot or MyRobotLab… I dabbled with ROS a while back so maybe it’s about time I have another look…

        • Hey Richard, thanks!

          Each toolkit has it’s own benefits. There’s a nice community built up around InMoov+MRL, so it’s a great way to get started without writing everything from scratch. Another R.S.S.C. club member is building an InMoov using EzRobot, and I think there are some others on the forum as well.

          I went with ROS because I wanted to…[Read more]

    • Great work, superb work full of fluidity,. Gestures follow like water in a river.

    • Looks great!

    • A very late comment to your great work using ROS in conjonction with InMoov.
      I had shared your great video on my Google+ page right after you posted it.
      Thanks for your video, I really enjoyed looking at InMoov moving so gracefully.

    • juerg replied 3 years ago

      Hi Alan
      Just made first steps with ROS and found the github-links. So I have inmoov_model-master.zip and inmoov_ros-master.zip
      Can you point me to a tuto where to place the files and probably even make it run?

      • Hey Juerg, Firstly, follow all the tutorials to install and set up ROS. Then, you should be able to follow the README.md from here:

        After you get everything set up, you’ll most likely want to run the urdf model in rviz, using this command:
        roslaunch inmoov_description display.launch…[Read more]

        • juerg replied 3 years ago

          Thanks Alan
          Started the beginners tutorial and had a look at your linked tuto.
          As I just recently installed ROS I got the kinetic version. Looks like I have to wait for a fitting Moveit version. But as the package looks rather big and complex I will anyway need to work myself through all the tutorials first.

          • Yep, I have a new SSD with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and ROS Kinetic waiting for MoveIt to be released. They’re very close to their first release. Until then, you will have some time to familiarize yourself with the core ROS concepts, go through the tutorials, and control the urdf model in rviz.

            If you haven’t found it already, Jason has published his…[Read more]

            • juerg replied 3 years ago

              Hi Allen
              Spent some time to try to make inmoov run with kinetic . Found a few issues with scripts (renamed .py file, missing include vector, boost shortcomings but was finally able to run setup_parameters.py
              As I run unbunto on my PC in a VirtualBox I assume it is correct that the servobus.launch complains about missing ports.
              trying to run rviz…[Read more]

            • Hey juerg,

              I haven’t moved everything to ROS Kinetic yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for the issues you’ve shared.

              Unfortunately, the glue code in the ROS stack that I’ve published will only work with my robot, but it is a great starting point to integrate ROS into your bot.

              You should be able to run the urdf model in rviz, then write python…[Read more]

    • matt replied 3 years ago

      Nice work Alan,

      Any idea when you will be releasing the demo? I’d love to try it out

  • Instead of a DogBone shaft, I’ve designed a new small Wrist_Gear and servo-adapter and will use a 6mm hexagonal shaft.
    I hope the 6mm hexagonal shaft is strong enough 🙂
    Tomorrow I will print all parts and if it works fine, I will include these parts to the Wrist upgrade set @ Thingiverse.

  • Marten de Groot posted a new activity comment 3 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks Rodolfo and Gaël !

    I hope you get your \”hands on the Right hand !\” 🙂

    And Gaël,
    Thanks for sharing !

  • I\’ve uploaded all Wrist upgrade files to Thingiverse:
    Enjoy… and don\’t forget to share your results 🙂

  • Today I received my new Lenovo Thinkpad 8,3″ and the DogBone shaft 🙂
    Later this day, I hope to finish the last things for the new Wrist DogBone shaft.
    (I need to change some small things to makethe DogBone shaft fit between the small Wrist gear and to the servo DogBone adapter)

  • I’ve connect all fishing lines to the fingers and the servo’s.
    All runs more freely and looks OK for me, here the test video with a complete Arm/Hand/Fingers:

    • That is awesome. No tensioning spring is the best feature! I guess you could add a tension spring like you had in your single finger tutorial.
      I think this is pretty innovative which begs the question what does the rest of your bot look like?

      • Hi Perry,
        Yes for sure I will include the springs which I’m using with my Finger_Starter kit.
        This makes programming a closed position more easy and they are to safe the servo mechanical way 🙂

        • Sounds like it is time to follow you on Thingiverse 🙂

          • 🙂
            I think after this weekend I will upload all files, which are needed to upgrade the Wrist part and this includes the new ServoBed for the small servo’s and the Wrist servo.
            I can’t see that these smaller servo’s can hold it for a longer period 🙂
            But so far it looks good and including the springs I think it’s safe enough to use them!

    • Very nice Marten!
      It’s very interesting to see how you managed the wrist servo, I guess we could add a second servo for wrist abduction. That would be a great extra feature. (Hand Mini breakout Nervo Boards and Nervo boards would need to be transformed and all scripts and gestures as well though…)
      Will you test it running continuously full 10…[Read more]

  • Finally the new ServoBed is done and fits very well.
    For now I’m using a 98mm DogBone drive shaft from a tamiya RC truck.
    Later, I will order this one:

    • Very nice work. I’m waiting to see the fingers and wrist working together. Fantastic

      • Thanks Rodolfo,
        Here a video from this complete setup:

        Tomorrow I will start to connect all the finger fishing-lines to the servo-pulley’s 🙂

        It looks good so far 😉

        • Once again nice work. It would be great to have a printable shaft for the wrist as opposed to a dog bone. Just another part I would have to wait for when I want to try something late at night. I thought you had a different servo offset in your previous vid and didn’t need the universal joint functionality

          • Thanks Perry,

            A printable shaft would be cool, I only think it’s not strong enough !
            And DogBone shafts are very basic parts which are used in RC cars.
            Most local dealers will selling them.

            About the servo, in the first test video I was using a “Low Profile” servo.
            For some reason, these servo’s will not run with a Arduino !
            For this reason I…[Read more]

          • Check my last post, to see the full functional Arm/Hand/Fingers:

            I’ve connect all fishing lines to the fingers and the servo’s.All runs more freely and looks OK for me, here the test video with a complete Arm/Hand/Fingers:https://youtu.be/8xlMrEUZBTw[Read more]– Marten de Groot (@mdg_nl) October 7, 2016

  • The Servobed is updated, so tonight I can mount the Wrist servo and measure the distance between the small Wrist-Gear and the servo.
    To finish this Wrist update, I only need to print the servo link.
    Then it’s time to mount the Hand and all the fingers 🙂 (I can’t wait…)

  • I’ve decided to make new Wrist Gears to, so all the Finger-fishing lines are more in line with the servo’s !
    The Wrist servo will placed on the Finger servobed and with a axle it will be connected to the small Gear.
    When I’ve printed the Gears, I can start drawing the Servo part…
    Later I will share more pictures and if it works, I will share all…[Read more]

    • I wish that works, it’s a great Idea

      • Haha, my fingers are crossed 🙂

        The Wrist servo is blocking the complete way for all fishing-lines.
        With the servo placed on the servobed, it makes it full open.
        So this saves a lot of friction 🙂

        (printer is almost done with the last peace 🙂 )

    • Hello Marten. I came to that exact same conclusion last night while assembling my tendons. They have been very finicky and I am not confident the spring system will hold up. The wrist rotation really plays with the tensions and geometries. I was thinking of a system where the lines ran through the centerline of the wrist. The servo can be moved…[Read more]

  • I’ve updated the info (included a “How To” for my Finger_Starter kit V2:
    And here a video without the spring:

    • Awesome Marten… going to try these servo pulleys with my new inMoov I am currently building… good work man…

      • Thanks Richard,
        Mechanical way it looks good enough for me.
        These pulley’s will need the full 180 degrees from a servo !
        Make sure your servo’s supporting this 180 degree turn.

        My next step is to see, if the smaller servo’s are strong enough for the complete InMoov Hand !
        I hope to find some spare-time tomorrow, during my work… 🙂

    • Great Marten! I want to see when the pulley is set in the servo bed how the servos are acting. As I said in our email exchange, I have burned so many MG996 and MG995, that I do not trust those servos anymore. I never, yet burned a HK15298.
      Initially when I created the pulley and the servo bed it was for to solve a restriction rotation of 90…[Read more]

      • Tomorrow and the next two day’s I have some spare time during the day 🙂
        First I need to finish my Wrist update, this will help a lot to run more freely !
        Yesterday evening/night I’ve printed the first parts and one needs a small modification to fit better.
        When this fits well, I can draw the servo part…

        I will do my best, to show a moving…[Read more]

  • Here two pictures from all MG996R servo’s and All CS238MG servo’s, to see the difference in the total weights.
    The CS238MG servo’s saving a 161 gram of weight and they are placed more closer to the elbow !
    Both are a positive part, to safe a lot of friction to all arm and shoulder servo’s

    For the CS238MG it was necessary to redesign a simple…[Read more]

  • So, all five Servo Pulley’s are done to 🙂
    Tomorrow evening (after work) it’s time to assembling all things together.

  • So, the CS238MG ServoAdapter production is done for the Right Hand 🙂
    Next production are five Servo Pulley sets….

  • Here some pictures to show the difference between the servo weights…
    The MG996R was my first choice for the InMoov hand.
    The CS238MG servo weights including a mounted servo-adapter 30gr. less as the MG996R !
    So if I will use these CS238MG servo’s for my InMoov hand, it will saves a 150gr. of weight 🙂
    I think when I’ve finished the new…[Read more]

    • They may save weight but they may not be strong enough for the inMoov hand… The hand is not the same as the finger starter. There is a lot more friction on the push/pull finger mechanisms. The servos need to work much harder than the simple finger kit… However, let us know if they work because less weigh is always welcome…

      • Hi Richard,
        I’m almost sure these smaller servo’s are strong enough for the Hand.
        (don’t forget the special pulley which I’m using!)
        The spring which I’m using now, is perfect to start.
        If needed, I can use a stronger spring to get more torque.
        I hope to show the results this weekend 🙂
        My goal is minimum to hold a softball or a bottle of…[Read more]

  • If you like to print my new Finger_Starter kit including the new pulley’s, here you can find all the files 🙂

    Have fun… 😉

  • Today I finally received my smaller servo’s 🙂
    After printing a servo-adapter, to mount this smaller servo in a standard servo place…
    I made some tests with the new pulley and it looks all great !
    The current use stay’s very low, even when I’m holding down the…[Read more]

  • Here two views from the pulley which I’m testing with the Finger Starter Kit V2 🙂

    When the Finger moves to the Open position, the pulley is pulling with the small circular side.
    And when the Finger moves to the Closed position, the bigger oval side is used to pull the Finger…
    The servo makes a turn from 0 to 180, that’s way I can use a…[Read more]

    • I want to test these pulleys for sure! I’m guessing it will be also okay for our servos HK 15298 which have a restriction from 0 to 90 degrees.

      • Hi Gaël,

        For a 0 to 90 degree turn, I need to make them a bit bigger !
        These are now designed for 0 to 180 degrees.
        (please check your dropbox ! 🙂 )

        After some tests, I will upload them to Thingiverse.

  • Here a video from the new Finger Starter kit V2…
    The servo current use, stay’s very low during the test, sometimes it’s passing the 0.26A during a start.
    (I’m still waiting for the new servo’s, so a second video will come soon !)


  • Today I’ve printed a first updated FingerTest plate, including a spring which I’m using as a mechanical Servo-Safer.
    See pictures….
    And tomorrow I hope to test the new 2.5kg servo’s, this depends of the servo’s will be delivered 🙂
    I can’t wait….

    • Hello Marten,
      Very nice module for a Finger Starter!!!
      There is no doubt that the servo of 2,5kg will work because even a small SG92R works. With the Finger Starter there isn’t much friction. But such servo will burn for sure if used in the hand. The friction is far greater in many ways in the hand, that is the reason even a MG996 of 12kg Torque…[Read more]

      • Hi Gaël,

        The spring main function is to safe the servo mechanical (there is no direct blocking anymore).
        And including my servo pulley’s, the finger “close position” gets a smaller arm length !
        So this safes a lot of energy use from the servo, when the finger is in his “close position” 🙂
        I’m almost sure this spring setup is enough to hold a…[Read more]

  • can i upload my inmoov tutorials on youtube ??

  • Lilly posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

  • juerg posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    An error in a script and an unreachable neck position – just burned another HS805BB so badly, it burned a hole into the case and I can still smell the odor of death when entering the house.
    I have added now readjustable fuses for all of my large servos (PFRA 160, Reichelt.de).
    Hope this prevents future smoke!

    • Thats a good idea! Can you share details on how to install them?

      • Sorry, yes, just route the connection from either plus or minus pole from the power supply to the servo through the fuse. The fuse is supposed to heat up with current flowing through it and increases resistance thereby lowering the voltage for the servo and make it stall. The fuse regenerates when cooling off.
        The fuse works in a slow mode so…[Read more]

      • Update: Actually had a problem with left shoulder rotation servo (continuing small repositiong with growl) and after a while it stopped to move (fuse and servo rather hot) so the fuse did it’s job.
        Have added now the 104 (100nF) caps for all shoulder servos (between signal and ground) and as it did not completely stop the growl a lot of has gone…[Read more]

    • Juerg I just want to say : IT’S MAGICAL 🙂 . No more jitter or zombie servo when detach : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10210323785361860&set=p.10210323785361860&type=3&theater

      • thanks, great picture but I do not use nervo boards.
        the pin right next to e.g. 12 is the signal line?
        the dark green edged pins are the + power ones?
        the 100uF ground side is on the signal?
        and 104 is a 100 nF cap?

        • the 100uF ( the big chimical, it’s bad we need ceramic ) is pluged to +6v ground power line .
          The 100nF ( The small 104 ceramic ) is pluged to each signal pin. ( +signal , ground )
          The signal and the power shared the same ground.

          • Great! I remember a post on the InMoov forum mentionning something similar, It sure would be great to add that option on the next Nervo boards release.

  • Gareth posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    ESP8266 WiFi control of InMoov via the “Blynk” APP

  • Hi everyone. Gael, I came across a great new article today by 3dprintingindustry.com about a project using Inmoov as an explorer connected to an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset allowing sick children to see the world remotely.…[Read more]

  • 1- Does anyone have the codes for the robotic hand?

    2 Connecting the Leap Motion commands by hand?

    3- Does anyone have the codes for robotic hand using Muscle Sensor / EMG?

    Thanks for listening.

  • The ball joint

  • We are building it for an exhibit at a local science museum – Done with the printing and mechanicals in about 90 days – Onto programming … Thanks Gael for a great design and making it available!

  • and the full forearm – still to be assembled…

  • Productive weekend! I finalized the wrist. have all servos in place, and started assembling the hand. It is stronger than what I was imagining! InMoov will be my bodyguard…

  • Markus posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Robyn Inmoov wonderful life

  • juerg posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Tired of soldering?

    Maybe you want to have a look at my solution: http://snaptip.com/ro15mqorh8/soldering-vs-crimping

    • Hi Juerg. That looks really good. I ordered a set of 100 male+female 3-pin connectors based on your suggestion. I think that will be enough for the whole build 🙂

    • Hey nice MAKER suggestion, I bet it is going to help more than one builder. Thanks for sharing.

  • Because it is also been a very long time that I wanted to inverse the InMoov logo on the hand, this has been the occasion to clean up those parts.
    Check now for the version V6 of the…[Read more]

  • wzj posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    I suggest if the head left-right rotate servo can modify to use a normal servo , without Hitch805BB, because i think we don\’t need such a 25kg power to make the head turn left/ right

  • Hey I just fused under Blender my recent modified TopMouth and LowBack. Rotated at 45° on the Z axe and they actually still fit in the correct 12cm3 build area !!

    So now TopMouth and LowBack are permanently fused on the InMoov website. and can be screwed instead of being glued.
    Make sure to get the V3 version on InMoov.fr.
    I didn’t update my…[Read more]

    • This is awesome! The 2 topmouth pieces have always been kind of a pain to work with, so that will help alot.

      • Yes indeed, I also did a reprint with fused topmouth after coming back from India, the head had been damaged in the suitcase during flight travel. It is much easier to assemble now.

  • Well it took me a while but it is done!

    New builders will have a lot more fun to assemble the skull now. I have set screw and bolts holders in various parts to make the last fit much easier.
    You can use 3mm screws and bolts to attach the parts together.
    I modified:

  • I have been printing out pieces to construct the head and torso and have ordered most of my hardware, servos, and electronic components. Hope to start the actual construction in a couple of weeks. Using two XYZ Davinci Printers. How do I get my name on the location map? I would like others near me to know that I am building the InMoov and am…[Read more]

  • niko33 posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    Starting a InMoov in a FabLab in Bordeaux
    Follow us on

  • Humanoid posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    I wonder if you can help me. I have printed out ClavifrontV2 and Claviback v2 and SternumV1. They don’t appear to fit together. I noticed there is no Sternum V2 for either front or back. The explanation mentions that one in the photos is the earlier version but it’s unclear which picture is being referred to. I assumed that…[Read more]

  • Alberto posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    I modificated some parts of the torso for a better 3d printing:

    – InMoov Homplate Front: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1292177
    – InMoov Homplate Back Low: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1292151

  • So here is the basic inMoov hand controlled by LEGO MINDSTORMS. My plan is to see how far I can use inMoov and LEGO together

    • Hi, I used to coach a USFirst FTC Robotics team and we used NXT/EV3 units as the controllers for our bots. We used LabView, which is a more robust version of the Lego Mindstorms software. It loads into the EV3 just like the basic MindStorms software and there is pretty much nothing you can’t do with LabView. And the best part is that shares…[Read more]

    • Hello Simon, thanks for posting your project on the site, as I told you on Twitter, I did relay your youtube video on my Google+, because I’am sure it can bring interest in many minds!
      I have never played with MindStorms Lego.
      But was born in 1964 and Lego was introduced in France in 1967 (I think) and it was my favorite toy and developpement…[Read more]

      • Your awesome project is my focus this year, I am not sure how far I can go but I have a few robotics platforms (LEGO, VEX, Tetrix, Fishertechnik) to use with this project. I may also try and do a native one using servos and your boards.

  • Small video to explanation the driving system of my plateform and the locking mecanism for to be able to push InMoov by hand while driving direction with the remote.
    I\’m in the process to make a very small remote transmitter which could be held within the palm.

    • Thanks Gael, now I see how it all works. I like how you can detach the drive wheel to push it around manually. See my comments on Sebastiens’s post.

    • @Bob, to answer your previous questions on Sebastien’s post:
      The base can carry InMoov easily. You can add at least 10kg and the base can still ride fine as long as the floor is flat.
      When I use InMoov in the street, the wheels can overcome some holes if it rides full speed. If you look at my video, you can see a battery carrier between the two…[Read more]

    • Ahaha, awesome!
      The eyes next to the face makes it a little freaky!
      Was the cap okay in the package? I’m always a little worried with transport that is why I ship it in a cardboard box.

  • Using MyRobotLab and creating a special control GUI with sliders.
    This might be using MaVo\’s GestureCreator in the background.

  • Students at IES Vegas assembling the eye mecanism on InMoov\’s face.

  • A demo of the stomach rotation

    • Hi Bob

      Very cool movements .

      As you have done to make the system of wrist motion up and down ?

    • Ah cool!
      Finaly you can post videos again!
      I see you replaced one hand with the Flexi hand?

    • Nice video, Bob!
      I see the wrist also has a movement linkage. You might want to share your work with Juerg, as he is also working on something similar.

      • Yes, I hacked a flexihand and put the servos for the fingers in the palm of the hand and added a servo for the additional wrist movement. I have also just finished adding flexible joints to the original InMoov hand and it works pretty good and can hold objects fairly well. I posted a couple of videos on Youtube about the flexihand.

      • RIght, you take a new route with servos inside the hand – very nice!
        My bending wrist uses another servo in the forearm and a few modifications on the existing wrist and hand parts – and it integrates a position sensor to allow the hand to stay horizontal. I am waiting for some cabling stuff as I want to have the forearm pluggable to the elbow.…[Read more]

    • Looks great! The flexihand seems better controlled – is that due to a design improvement in the parts or just better tuning during installation?
      PS I think we should chip in to buy you some switchplate covers so you can program your bot to install them 🙂

  • Caleb posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    Getting the shipment of servos for our InMoov was like Christmas coming early!

    • luky ….

    • Oh my!!

      • Is a pleasure To meet you, I have a question: Does The servo HK15298B is equivalent to Hitec 33322S HS-322HD Standard Deluxe Karbonite Gear Servo, as show it in your picture? ?????

        • Hey Rodolfo. I know you replied to Gael, but I just wanted to say that the HK1529B has equal (and in some cases, better) specs than the HS-322HD. It should work fine. That being said, I haven’t personally tested them, so I can’t attest to the quality of servo.

          • Really my question was to you Celeb. Many Thanks for your fast reply Already I’m waiting my first hk15298b servos, but here in spain is easier get the hi tec servos. But as you said the hk is better that hs, then I will continue using the hk because I’m not expert servos user to configure and hack another ones than are not in…[Read more]

  • Sebastien posted an update 4 years ago

    Just to share with you the very first wheel spin of Airwin this night. I hope the small motor coming from an old electric Kids Toy will not soon burn.

    • Ehi!!!
      There is something of a Déjà Vu.
      Using a golf caddie is a very good option!
      Is it sturdy enough? I am pretty sure your motors will do the job, InMoov is a light fellow!

      • Gaël, yes it’s widely inspired from what you do 🙂 . (i first write Wildly Inspired 🙂
        Sure “light is right”
        This Golf caddie is in aluminium so it is really sturdy, don’t know how many clubs it can support but one InMoov seems ok.

    • Nice looking base. How does it work? Do you have a video of it moving around?

  • Gael Langevin posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    You also can find the InMoov basic scripts on the bottom of the \”Build yours\” page.
    Here the link for the hand with voice control:

    • first of all i thank you for inspiring us with your work and making it opensource,
      thank you accepting my friend request
      students like us need your valuable help and guidance to built it..
      thank you very much sir.
      Gael The GREAT.

  • Marcos posted an update 4 years ago

    Hello everyone
    Jerry continues to grow.
    Today I finished assembling the bottom, although I have not even put the servos because I arrive tomorrow.


  • Here is the latest (and tested) version of the script to control InMoov arm using Muscle Sensor V3 from Advancer…[Read more]

  • Hi again!! I have used Muscle Sensor V3 from Advancer Technologies to control InMoov arm. For the moment the system works like this:
    The signal is sampled at 500Hz using a timer interrupt at arduino board, and a threshold is set in order to determine when the hand is closed (If the signal sample is…[Read more]